August 2020

Prof. Radulaski to give invited talks at the upcoming OSA conferences Frontiers in Optics 2020 (Quantum Electronics track) and CLEO 2021 (Micro- and Nano-Photonic Devices track).

July 2020

Prof. Radulaski joins the How to Get a Job in Quantum Computing online panel with Jay Gambetta, John Preskill, Monika Schleier-Smith, Birgitta Whaley and Steven Girvin at the Qiskit Global Summer School.

R-Lab gathers for a socially distanced picnic by the UC Davis Arboretum to celebrate recent graduations and victories (photo).

Congratulations to Victoria Norman, Sridhar Majety, Jesse Patton and Liang Li whose team won the California division of the Qiskit Summer Jam Hackathon, sponsored by IBM Quantum for the project Quid Pro Quo aimed for quantum education in classrooms and STEM outreach programs. 

June 2020

Congratulations to Sridhar Majety who has been reelected as the Optics Club of UC Davis treasurer.

R-Lab publishes an invited review paper Novel Color Center Platforms Enabling Fundamental Scientific Discovery by Victoria Norman, Sridhar Majety, Zhipan Wang, William Casey, Nicholas Curro and Marina Radulaski.

Congratulations to Jesse Patton who has graduated with an undergraduate degree in Applied Physics and a minor in Computer Science. Jesse we are proud of your accomplishments!

Congratulations to Victoria Norman who received the UC Davis 2020-2021 Summer Graduate Research Award that supports graduate research with engineering-related applications and methods.

April 2020

Prof. Radulaski's paper recognized among top downloaded publications in Laser and Photonics Reviews in 2018-2019. 

Sridhar Majety presents at the virtual meeting of the UC Davis Quantum Journal Club.

R-Lab throws an online party (photo) to celebrate the start of the Spring Quarter.

March 2020

Congratulations to Liang Li who has graduated with an undergraduate degree in Applied Physics. Liang, we are proud of you!

New preprint by Victoria Norman, et al. on the novel color center platforms role in fundamental scientific discovery, written in collaboration with the groups of Prof. Nicholas Curro (UC Davis Physics) and Prof. William Casey (UC Davis Chemistry), is available on arXiv.

R-Lab welcomes a new undergraduate researcher - Jesse Patton. Jesse is a senior in Applied Physics with a minor in Computer Science, and training in machine learning and pulsed NMR. 

R-Lab is temporarily closing the experimental operations in compliance with COVID-19 related instructions. The group is active on Zoom and Slack.

Prof. Radulaski speaks at the inaugural meeting of the UC Davis Club of Future Female Electrical Engineers (photo).

February 2020

Victoria Norman delivers a quantum programming workshop at the UC Davis Quantum Journal Club (photo, photo).

Sridhar Majety, Victoria Norman and Liang Li present a poster at the UC Davis ECExpo in the Silicon Valley (photos).

New optical tables installed in our renovated lab (video, video, video).

Sridhar Majety gives a talk at the UC Davis Biophotonics Meeting (photo).

January 2020

R-Lab starts a project at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry (photos).

Sridhar Majety hosts the UC Davis hub for the Photonics Online Meetup (photos).

R-Lab goes out to celebrate 2020 (photo).

December 2019

R-Lab welcomes a new undergraduate researcher - Miranda Bell. Miranda is a junior in Materials Science and Engineering, and an officer in the undergraduate Quantum Club.

Bavaria-California Technology Center seed funds R-Lab's new collaboration on quantum integrated circuits with Prof. Kai Mueller at TU Munich, Germany.

New publication in Nature Photonics on Prof. Radulaski's work on quantum photonics in silicon carbide with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic's group at Stanford University.

November 2019

Prof. Radulaski speaks at the Pioneer Women in STEM program at a local high school motivating students to join science and engineering fields.

Prof. Radulaski delivers Berkeley Nanoscale Science and Engineering Seminar on Color Centers and Quantum Nanophotonics.

October 2019

Prof. Radulaski, together with Prof. Weijian Yang and the Optics Club, organizes a UC Davis ECE event Bring Your Daughter/Niece to Work as a part of the Introduce a Girl to Photonics IEEE initiative.

Prof. Radulaski delivers UC Davis Physics Colloquium Quantum Information Processing Based on Quantum Nanophotonics.

Congratulations to Sridhar Majety for being elected as a treasurer in the Optics Club of UC Davis.

Sridhar Majety gives an interview about his clean room experience at the Center for Nano and Micro Manufacturing at UC Davis.

R-Lab goes bowling (photo) to kick off the Fall Quarter.

Prof. Radulaski and Victoria Norman, along with colleagues Dr. Fabio Anza and Prof. Andreas Albrecht launch Davis Quantum Journal Club - a monthly interdisciplinary discussion meeting on the advances in the quantum information realm.

September 2019

Prof. Radulaski delivers an invited talk Quantum Information Processing Based on Color Centers (video) at the Japanese-American-German Frontiers of Science Symposium, Japan per invitation of the National Academy of Sciences.

R-Lab welcomes a new undergraduate researcher - Liang Li. Liang is a senior in Applied Physics and has recently completed a research internship at Fermi Lab.

Prof. Radulaski attends the National Science Foundation workshop for new investigators.

August 2019

R-Lab is building its first confocal scanning microscope (video).

July 2019

New publication in Nature Communications on Prof. Radulaski's work on diamond photonics with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic's group at Stanford University.

New publication in Laser and Photonics Reviews on Prof. Radulaski's work on nanodiamond photonics integration with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic's group at Stanford University.

June 2019

New publication in Physical Review Letters on Prof. Radulaski's work on multi-emitter cavity quantum electrodynamics with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic's group at Stanford University.

Prof. Radulaski delivers an invited talk Nanophotonic Architecture for Machine Learning Hardware at the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Nanophotonics, IWANN2019, Spain.

May 2019

R-Lab has been awarded a year-long use of nanofabrication facilities at the Molecular Foundry for the development of a quantum light source with an efficient fiber interface in collaboration with Prof. S. J. Ben Yoo, UC Davis ECE (article).

Prof. Radulaski delivers invited seminars at the University of Vienna, Austria, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey, and the Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia.

April 2019

R-Lab welcomes a new Ph.D. student - Victoria Norman. Victoria is a physicist with an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, a masters degree from UC Davis, and a post-baccalaureate fellowship experience from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She is jointly advised by Prof. Marina Radulaski in ECE and Prof. Nicholas Curro in Physics department.

R-Lab attends the UC Davis ECE Industrial Affiliates Symposium - Prof. Radulaski delivers a talk Quantum Nanophotonics for Advanced Information Processing, and Sridhar Majety presents a poster Quantum Technologies Based on Color Centers in Silicon Carbide.

New publication in Crystal Growth & Design on Prof. Radulaski's work on quantum well photonics with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic's group at Stanford University and Seth Bank's group at UT Austin.

Prof. Radulaski advocates for diversity as a panelist at the Recent Alumni Perspectives Panel at the Berkeley-Stanford Women in EE/CS Meetup.

Prof. Radulaski delivers invited talks at the Stanford University Photonics Retreat and the UC Davis Biophotonics Meeting.

March 2019

R-Lab welcomes its first Ph.D. student - Sridhar Majety. Sridhar is an electrical engineer with an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and a masters degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

R-Lab has open its doors to students, experiments and collaborations.