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Nanophotonic devices


Nanophotonic devicesNano-patterned dielectric structures, such as photonic crystals, can provide outstanding control of light propagation and resonant effects. Our team expertise is in lithographic processes that generate nanoscopic features in various photonic substrates, such as silicon carbide, diamond, silicon and gallium arsenide. This nanofabrication process can be used to generate devices needed for waveguiding, cavity quantum electrodynamics, optomechanics, and nonlinear photonics.



Color center emitters for scalable quantum hardware


SpectroscopyColor centers are semiconductor lattice defects that behave as quasi-atoms in a chip. They emit single-photons which are sources of light in quantum communication, and also provide a photon-interface to electron spins, which is used for quantum bits and nanoscale magnetic sensors. Our team explores properties of color centers using confocal photoluminescence and time-resolved spectroscopy with the goal of finding robust and homogeneous emitters with favorable quantum entanglement processes.



Cavity quantum electrodynamics


Cavity quantum electrodynamicsIntegration of quantum emitters with photonic devices is an interdisciplinary challenge tying physics, engineering, and material science. We specialize in color center integration with waveguiding and resonant structures and achieving desired regimes of light and matter interaction for applications in quantum communication, computing and sensing.



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