QIST Education

The introduction of quantum information science and technology education to broad and inclusive audiences is integral to the R-Lab's mission. To that extent, we have developed coursework and outreach activities listed below.


QIST Coursework at UC Davis

Graduate coursework

The course Quantum Information Technologies was designed with the goals of the introduction of QIQC concepts and mathematical formalism, operating principles of quantum hardware, coding in Qiskit, algorithm execution on quantum cloud computers, team work and presentation of final projects in quantum computation, communication or sensing. It has been offered annually since Fall 2020 in Electrical and Computer Engineering department under code EEC289L (syllabus) and attended by students from various engineering and science departments. The course was developed in collaboration with IBM Quantum, that provided quantum hardware access to students and a guest lecture, and the UC Davis Center for Educational Effectiveness, that helped planning and assessment of the active learning modules.

Master research credit projects in quantum nanophotonics have been offered under code EEC299 to science and engineering undergraduates since Fall 2021.

Undergraduate coursework

The course Quantum Computing is scheduled for its first offering in Winter 2022 as a special topics course in Electrical and Computer Engineering under code EEC189L. This course is aimed at sophomore and junior students with interest in quantum computing who are familiar with the basics of linear algebra such as vector spaces and matrix manipulations. The learning goals include understand differences between classical and quantum information, introduction of quantum mechanical concepts of superposition and entanglement, quantum circuit design, coding in Qiskit, algorithm execution on quantum cloud computers, team work and presentation of interdisciplinary final projects.

Undergraduate research credit projects in quantum nanophotonics have been offered under code EEC199 to science and engineering undergraduates since Fall 2019.

Quantum Journal Club

The Quantum Journal Club was founded in collaboration between the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and the Physics Department in order to foster interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations between six departments of science and engineering. The monthly meetings have been runnings since Fall 2019, hosting academic and industry speakers.

Quantum journal club


QIST Workshops

ETH Zurich

As a visiting researcher of the ETH Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies, Prof. Radulaski delivered an interactive workshop Quantum Computing and Quantum Networking on September 6, 2021. The goal of the workshop was to introduce science and engineering students to the concepts of quantum computing and quantum networking. The workshop included active learning assignments and hands-on programming in Qiskit open-source quantum developer kit.


QIST Outreach

K-12 outreach

In partnership with the Pioneer STEM Club of the Pioneer High School in Woodland, CA, we are introducing QIST concepts and discussing research careers with interested students.

In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Sacramento, we are reaching to the youth in the region and exposing them to the lab environment and concepts of QIST.

Outreach to teachers

In collaboration with IBM Quantum, we regularly take part in training of high school and undergraduate instructors interested in developing effective QIST education, including a video interview prepared for a conference of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Outreach to broad audiences

We take part in broad audience QIST outreach such as the IBM Qiskit Global Summer School 2020 panel on Careers in Quantum Computing and IIT 2020 Conference panel on the Second Quantum Revolution whose recorded are presented below.